Our Family Safety and Security First

The revolution is here when it comes to home security and safety products. Advances have been made in electronic technology, lighting and monitoring, cameras and a host of other helpful inventions. New products and devices can be found almost everywhere.

Once not heard of, robots are now well accepted in the home in the form of cleaners and home companions. One can alert the home owner of unwanted activity inside and outside of the home and be accessed with a smart phone so the owner can see using the robot’s facial recognition technology while home or away.

LED lighting is now very popular. Just the size is a great advantage, in most cases they can be kept in cupboards or drawers and retain power for up to 18 months while not in use. They also use very little energy and have a much brighter light than traditional lighting. We can see them being used in new construction sites, business, roads, and transportation.

Another product used widely in homes and business are motion detection products. While always monitoring your area of work or home. Motion detectors only turn themselves on when something or someone crosses their path and this can be a great savings of electricity or the batteries they use.
Don’t wait for something to go wrong or happen to your family, friends or neighbors to stay on top of home safety and security. In fact careless and preventable accidents are far more damaging in the majority of cases.

Here are a few things to look at:
1. Create an escape plan and talk about it with the family.
2. Have an exit point for each room in case of a fire.
3. Let everyone know where to meet after an emergency or natural disaster.

If not taken care of loose ends can cause injury and heartbreak. Walk around the house and fix things in disrepair or safety concerns. Examples are loose hand rails, slippery throw rugs, broken appliances, raw or frayed wires and broken steps, try to avoid common home accidents like falls.

If you have a home safety check list you are one of the few, keep it up to date.

A few things to look at are reinforced doors, dead bolts, smoke and glass detectors and never hide a key outside the home.

Give a key to a neighbor, cancel your paper and tell the post office to hold your mail, let your neighbors know when you are going away and about when you will return so they can keep an eye on things.

The more we pay attention to and are aware of our surroundings the safer every one will be in and around our homes.

Parking Lot Safety and Security

Why do parking lots scare many of us when it comes to violent crime? It starts with the fact that similarly to hotel hallways, they often seem to be void of people, especially at night. Combined with the other fact that many high-rise garage parking lots are designed with security-unfriendly areas such as walls, pillars and elevation changes (where people may be lurking) and we begin to see the reason why our common sense makes us apprehensive. Even large open parking lots like the ones attached to shopping malls can offer a thief or violent predator great visibility to watch for security patrols, escape routes and potential victims.

Types of Crime

The most common parking lot crime is vandalism or theft. In regards to violent crime, the most common are purse snatching, robbery, carjacking and abductions.

The design, lack of people, and horror stories we’ve all heard about all combine with our natural instincts to bring forth apprehension around certain lots and garages. And don’t be mistaken, this is a good thing.

Without normal apprehension we’d be walking off cliffs, walking into traffic, and in short, doing some real stupid, dangerous things. Of course, I’m simplifying a bit about the positives of our natural common sense; however, our natural instincts are real and useful.

You do not need to feel foolish if you find yourself nervous in circumstances where common sense dictates apprehension. The key for you is to not become over apprehensive. Calm, awareness of dangerous possibilities is what’s needed.


There are certain things we can do to lesson our chances of being victims of violent crime in and around lots. Here are some important tips:

Park in well-lighted areas–well lit means you can see 100 feet at night

Go out of your way and spend the extra time to park in well-traveled, busier areas

If you are alone, come and go with groups of people who may be walking your way

Lock your vehicle doors when you leave your car

If available, and you feel uncomfortable, ask for a security officer to walk you to your car

Do not walk with your mind consumed by thoughts such as what you need to purchase or other tasks you may have to attend to later. Be aware about what is going on around you NOW. Are there suspicious people in the area or near your car? Is there a van parked next to your vehicle that wasn’t there before? Be aware of present dangers and act accordingly.

Get in your car as quickly as possible. Most abduction’s occur when people are getting into or loading up their vehicles

Immediately, lock your doors. This should become second nature, like putting your seat belt on whenever you get into your car

If available, and you can afford it, use valet parking

You can also choose to carry self-defense weapons such as Pepper-Spray or other legal items for your safety and security. If you chose this option, remember to become truly knowledgeable in their use and have it close and ready at hand.

Calm, realistic awareness is the beginning step you need. In addition to your awareness, stay mindful of the tips mentioned, along with trusting your common sense and you’ll be much better off going to and from your parking lot destinations.

College Dorm Essentials, Essentially For Safety and Security

When we think of college dorm essentials the first things that come to mind are likely to be things like furniture, maybe a laptop or even snacks for those late nights cramming. How many of us think of safety and security as part of our “going away to college” list of things to buy? Not as many as there should be, because more of us need to increase our awareness when it comes to personal safety and security in college dorms and on campuses. With the right knowledge and a handful of inexpensive products, living at college can be a safer, more rewarding experience.

Going away to college is a very exciting time in a person’s life. A brand new set of experiences are just ahead. Including what could be the greatest learning experience of our entire lives. This refers to the lessons that may be more important than those that are taught classrooms, like how to take care of ourselves. College dorm living can also be dangerous, especially for young women. They need to be sure that their college dorm essentials checklist includes the knowledge that creates awareness and instills common sense where it concerns safe habits and practices.

Awareness and common sense can be one of the biggest factors in preventing burglaries and other crimes. Some of the basics are, always keeping your dorm room locked, even when you’re in it. Never let a stranger into your dorm or apartment building. Never prop open doors or windows to allow friends to get in or out after curfew hours. If you see a door or window that is propped open so that others can sneak in after hours, close it and make sure it’s locked, anyone who sees it can get in whether they belong there or not. Never loan your room key or fob to anyone, and never put your name or address on your room key, who ever finds it will know exactly which room they can now open. A door alarm for your room is a good backup to these safety measures, one of the college dorm essentials that can be purchased.

The campus and school buildings can also be dangerous places if we do not use common sense or practice awareness. Safeguards that young women need to practice include, staying in well lit, well travelled areas at night and taking someone with them when they know that a place or building they’re going to will be basically deserted. These are only a few examples but the point is that being aware of what helps dangerous situations to exist will help you to avoid them. Some other college dorm essentials that should be high on your list are those that will help you get out of a dangerous situation, should you encounter one despite your greatest efforts to avoid it.

It’s a good practice to carry a personal alarm, which is a high decibel noise maker. It will call attention to you if you need help and most often will scare off an aggressive individual. There is also pepper spray for those times when the noise doesn’t scare them off or for when there’s no one around to hear the noise. These are some of the other college dorm essentials that can be purchased. These, and a few other inexpensive items, combined with the information needed to use them properly and the safety information that will help anyone avoid needing to use them will create a safer living and learning environment for a student whether on or off campus.