Ahoy Mates – Boating Safety And Security Is Just As Important As Personal Safety

Here we are, out on the water and enjoying every minute of it. We spot a Tiki Bar at a marina and decide to dock, get something to eat and have a cold non-alcoholic drink. Just like drinking and driving, alcohol and boating do not mix. It is also against the law.

Thieves are always looking for an easy target and opportunity. Prevention is the key to safety, rather it be boating safety or personal safety. Do not make yourself an easy target.
Here are a few tips you can follow to help prevent your boating adventure from being a disaster.

Never leave anything in plain site, however significant or insignificant. The thief steals first and thinks about value later.

If you have to leave anything on deck or in the cockpit, fasten it down. Thieves do not want a challenge. They want to grab what they can and take off.
Never leave the key in the ignition.
Even if you will be away from your boat for a short while, always lock your boat up.
Use strong padlocks or rim locks on all entry points and cockpit lockers.
Put an alarm on your boat and make sure that you put a sign in clear sight stating your boat has an alarm.

Keep a toolbox on board just in case there is something that needs tightening.
Before you go ashore, check your boat and make sure everything is locked up and secured.
If you keep money on the boat, store it away from other valuables.
Keep the curtains closed so that no one can look inside and scope out your boat.
Keep unused ropes and fenders out of sight and locked up.
Make sure that your life raft and motor (outboard) are secure. These items are very valuable to boat thieves.

If you go to shore on a dinghy, remove your oars or paddles, rowlocks or pump, and secure the dinghy with a chain and padlock.

If you are a victim of a boat theft or suspect that your boat has been vandalized, call the police and inform the harbour master or manager of the boatyard. Do not attempt to go back on the water until you make sure that your boat is seaworthy.
Check to see if other boats in the area have been vandalized as well.
Get to know other boat owners in the marina and work together. Keep an eye on other boats, as well as your own.

Report anything unusual or any strangers hanging around the marina.
Do not let anyone in the marina that you do not know.
Always keep the gate to the marina closed.

Following these simple safety tips can make for a happy and safe boat outing. Most importantly, personal safety is key when out on the water.

Parking Lot Safety and Security

Why do parking lots scare many of us when it comes to violent crime? It starts with the fact that similarly to hotel hallways, they often seem to be void of people, especially at night. Combined with the other fact that many high-rise garage parking lots are designed with security-unfriendly areas such as walls, pillars and elevation changes (where people may be lurking) and we begin to see the reason why our common sense makes us apprehensive. Even large open parking lots like the ones attached to shopping malls can offer a thief or violent predator great visibility to watch for security patrols, escape routes and potential victims.

Types of Crime

The most common parking lot crime is vandalism or theft. In regards to violent crime, the most common are purse snatching, robbery, carjacking and abductions.

The design, lack of people, and horror stories we’ve all heard about all combine with our natural instincts to bring forth apprehension around certain lots and garages. And don’t be mistaken, this is a good thing.

Without normal apprehension we’d be walking off cliffs, walking into traffic, and in short, doing some real stupid, dangerous things. Of course, I’m simplifying a bit about the positives of our natural common sense; however, our natural instincts are real and useful.

You do not need to feel foolish if you find yourself nervous in circumstances where common sense dictates apprehension. The key for you is to not become over apprehensive. Calm, awareness of dangerous possibilities is what’s needed.


There are certain things we can do to lesson our chances of being victims of violent crime in and around lots. Here are some important tips:

Park in well-lighted areas–well lit means you can see 100 feet at night

Go out of your way and spend the extra time to park in well-traveled, busier areas

If you are alone, come and go with groups of people who may be walking your way

Lock your vehicle doors when you leave your car

If available, and you feel uncomfortable, ask for a security officer to walk you to your car

Do not walk with your mind consumed by thoughts such as what you need to purchase or other tasks you may have to attend to later. Be aware about what is going on around you NOW. Are there suspicious people in the area or near your car? Is there a van parked next to your vehicle that wasn’t there before? Be aware of present dangers and act accordingly.

Get in your car as quickly as possible. Most abduction’s occur when people are getting into or loading up their vehicles

Immediately, lock your doors. This should become second nature, like putting your seat belt on whenever you get into your car

If available, and you can afford it, use valet parking

You can also choose to carry self-defense weapons such as Pepper-Spray or other legal items for your safety and security. If you chose this option, remember to become truly knowledgeable in their use and have it close and ready at hand.

Calm, realistic awareness is the beginning step you need. In addition to your awareness, stay mindful of the tips mentioned, along with trusting your common sense and you’ll be much better off going to and from your parking lot destinations.

How to Ensure Safety and Security of Your Family?

We all need to protect ourselves as well as our families. It is quite unfortunate that the world is not the best place to live in these days. Crime rates are increasing with each passing day. It has become quite difficult to stay safe these days.

People are always in fear that something or the other might happen to them all of a sudden. Today you will find an increase in crimes like robbery, murder, rape, assault, property crime, motor vehicle theft. All these things are quite dangerous and it is very important to take proper protection from them.

If you have women and children in your house then it is quite essential to take proper safety measures. But how can you be safe and secure from all these crimes. These days you get certain products which can help you prepare yourself against these attacks.

These products are known as safety products and are available in the safety stores. You can even find these items on the internet. There are different kinds of products available like safety products, security products, spy products and certain kinds of electronic gadgets.

These products are mainly used for personal defense. Some of the major items available in these stores are stun guns, dummy cameras, pepper spray, motion alarms, key hiders, listening devices, metal detectors, car security, fire safety, diversion safes and much more.

If you want a list of all the safety products then you can visit one of these websites to check out the various kinds of products available. You need to purchase the product which can help you solve your problem.

The guns and sprays available are used to weaken the attackers so that they are incapable of attacking you. These kinds of safety products are usually not used to kill or injure a person dangerously. Before you purchase a particular product you must collect proper information about it.

The products used for spying are quite helpful. These items can be used to maintain the security of your homes. These items help you record the images as well as voices of people who visit your house.

It is also important to choose the best company which can provide you with the safety items. There are certain companies which are quite popular for offering you with the most innovative items. You can look for such a company on the internet.

You must also make sure that the company from which you purchase your products offers s good customer service so that whenever you face any problem you can contact them. If you want to know about the price you can check out the price list offered by these websites. Make sure the prices are reasonable.